Wagner Goats Milk Chewables Vanilla 300 Tablets

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Wagner Goat's Milk Chews adalah camilan susu kambing dengan rasa yang nikmat
Produk-produk ini cocok jika Anda tidak toleran terhadap susu sapi
Tersedia dalam dua rasa alami yang enak - Cokelat dan Vanilla
Makanan berbahan dasar susu dinikmati oleh banyak orang sebagai suguhan yang lezat, tetapi tidak semua orang dapat mentolerir susu sapi.
Susu kambing adalah pengganti yang ideal bagi mereka yang tidak toleran terhadap susu sapi, tetapi tetap ingin menikmati manfaat produk susu.
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Wagner Goat’s Milk Chews are deliciously flavoured goat’s milk treats
These products are suitable if you are intolerant to cow’s milk
Available in two great tasting natural flavours – Chocolate and Vanilla


Always read the label; take only as directed.

Formulated without:
Artificial colours, artificial sweeteners or artificial flavours.

Dairy based foods are enjoyed by many as a delicious treat, but not everyone can tolerate cow’s milk.
Goat’s milk is an ideal substitute for those who are intolerant to cow’s milk, but still want to enjoy the benefits of dairy.


Vanilla: Dextrose, Goat’s Milk Powder
(29%), Fructose, Natural Flavour, Magnesium Stearate.
Contains Milk


Chew 10 chewable tablets daily.
Not suitable for children 3 years and under.


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